The new Russian E-visas policy allows foreigners to stay within the Country for the period of up to 16 days

Citizens of 53 countries got the possibility to apply for single-entry E-visas to Russia;
The application form for E-visa may be filled in online on the web-site https://evisa.kdmid.ru/en-US/Home/Index
right before the departure, the doc issuance takes maximum 4 days;
The new E-visas are valid on the entire territory of Russian Federation, for such a popular destinations as
St.Petersburg and Moscow combination, Northern part of the country – Murmansk, Baikal and Trans-Siberian
Route, European part – Towns of Golden Ring and Kazan city in Tatarstan, etc.;
40 EUR only fee to be applied to e-Visas to support tourism industry;
Electronic visas policy opens Russian borders to more visitors and expectedly promotes the destination and
attracts more guests to the Country;
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