Inclusions: Meeting with the Cosmonaut, centrifuge test and the space food pack, as a gift
Duration: 2,5 hours
Russia launched the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik – 1 on October 1957. The first two cosmonaut's dogs Belka and Strelka became the first living creatures to orbit the Earth.
On 12 April 1962 Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to fly into outer space.
In march 1965, Alexei Leonov became the first person to walk in space - he spent 10 min in free flight at a distance of more than 5 m. from the spaceship

Meeting with a Cosmonaut and Centrifuge Rotation Experience
The unique possibility to meet a Cosmonaut who has been in the Space, to get know from the first hand his true emotions, experience and sometimes force majors. After such a meeting there is a chance to test Centrifuge Rotation- the biggest one in the world. This Centrifuge has been used since 1980ies for cosmonauts and astronauts trainings and maximum load may be from 5G to 30G. For Space tourists G Load will be from 1 G to 3 G. The space food pack will be a good prize for the day.
These activities can be arrange on special demand and they are exclusive.
We would be very happy to offer them to your guests

Inclusions: Exclusive admission to the Palace, interiors tour -
Duration: 1,5 hours
Kremlin usually is a part of the city tour for those who come to get acquaintance with historical heritage of Russia. There is one Palace that has an exception to this base visit-this it Grand Kremlin Palace located in Kremlin. This Palace cannot be seen except on a special permission. We can arrange it for our guests.

Grand Kremlin Palace – Official Residence of the President
The Grand Kremlin Palace is quiet a modern structure, but at the same time is the rare architectural ensemble and the landmark for all Russians, as the symbol of power and glory from the old times.
The Palace is the combination of the 15th-18th century's traditions and it has been the seat of the Tzar's and Emperors at the time of the Russian Empire and earlier.
Nowadays this is official residence of Russian President. The gorgeous halls, decorated with unique materials, such as gold, silver and semi-precious stones, are used for the Official Guests ceremonies, Meetings and Celebrations.

Inclusions: Hydrofoil ride to the Island Kizhi, 1 overnight in Petrozavodsk
Duration: 2 days/1 night

One more UNESCO Heritage site – is the wooden Museum at opened air on Kizhi Island. The island is located in the waters of Onega Lake, in Karelia, Russian North. Kizhi is known by its wooden architecture (houses, barns, churches) made without any iron nail but with wooden plug.
These constructions have been preserved by the locals through the centuries.
Kizhi Island is close to St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk city therefore 2-3 days tour will be enough to see the site
Inclusions: Drive over the ice of Baikal, picnic on the shore, a night in tents over the Lake
Duration: 2 days/1 night
Baikal Lake has been known as most ancient and the deepest freshwater lake in the world. The lake contains 1/5 of the total reserve of freshwater in the world.

The blue eye of baikal
Shows the character of the Lake – mild and strong to everyone, who visits it; the mysterious influence of the Lake is mentioned dozens of times by the travelers from all over the world. Baikal, often called, Glorious See, is beautiful in both – summer and winter. In winter – most often in February when the temperature is about minus 30-35 C- the ice of the Lake is so pure that you can see flora and fauna of the Lake 50 meters to the depth of the Water. At the same time, the ice is so strong, that the one can drive over and play Ice Golf. Please feel free to ask as for such adventure!

Inclusions: Zero gravity flight or MIG flight
Duration: 2 days/1 night
Anyone who is keen to try high adrenaline activities, such as MIG flight or Weightlessness Flight can do it once in Russia

Zero gravity flight and MIG experience:
There are two different activities, which can be practiced in Moscow area and in Nijni Novgorod –a town located 3 hours by train from Moscow.

Zero Gravity flight
Can be arranged in a military base close to Star City (a training Cosmonauts Center, 35 km from Moscow). A Russian military plane specially equipped for zero gravity exercises makes a certain number of parabolas one after another and it allows to experience real weightlessness-such a unique work out for brave and adventurous tourists.

MIG29 flight
Can be arranged in the military base of SOKOL plant (Nijni Novgorod).
During this tour, you will get acquaintance with MIG planes in MIG Museum (on special permission), where you will see a range of Russian MIG planes: MIG 15, MIG 17, MIG 21, MIG 29 and MIG 31.
The flight will take place after a short medical check and you will be able to exercise MIG aerobatics: a turn, barrel, loop, bell, combat U-turn as a co-pilot of the professional Russian pilot.
Both activities are exclusive and need to be requested well in advance, which we will be very happy to arrange for our guests.

Inclusions: Itinerary with accommodation and travel along Kamchatka, Flight out of Moscow
Duration: 4 days/3 nights
Russia has the biggest active volcano in the world-this Volcano is in Kamchatka-a unique ECO system in the Russian Far East.

Kamchatka – Volcanos and Gayzers Valley
Kamchatka's central side valley is flanked by large volcanic belts, containing around 160 volcanoes and 29 of them still active. Kamchatka Peninsula is also known as the "land of fire and ice", the biggest volcano – Kluchevskaya Sopka - still acting year to year and is the one of the best places in the World to make pictures. The Geyzers Valley and the folk villages of the local people adds more authentic character to the travel along the Peninsula, as well as the ECO parks and wild life everywhere.

Inclusions: 20 min helicopter flight over the city center
Duration: 1 hour incl flight time
St. Petersburg is the biggest Megapolis in Europe that is close the North Pole.
St. Petersburg has 3 times more bridges than Venice. Due to this fact, the city has a nick name-Northern Venice.
When you come there in summer, you might be the witness of the White Night phenomena, when the sun do not dusk at night and sun may shine in the midnight.

White nights Helicopter Flight over St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg is the European capital of Russia, the museum under the opened air, the cultural center and the collection of oddities and rarities. Every corner of the city may remind about some European capitals – London, Paris, Prague and more. Crossed by more, than 100 rivers and canals, St. Petersburg stands on the islands and stretches over 600 square miles below the sea level. The White Nights period, that last about 2 months attracts the guests from all over the World and the best way to see the city is either from the water or in the special way – helicopter flight over the center.
Inclusions: 3-4 shots of vodka and pickles
Duration: 45 min
Vodka got its name only in 1886; it means it is quite a "young"drink. In 1894, Russian started selling it in the bottles.

Old Russian Tradition – Vodka Museum Visit
Modern Russians don't drink vodka every day, more and more people are abstaining from alcohol altogether in the country. However, some old school Russians still follow these drinking traditions, more for fun than anything else.
When you visit Vodka Museums in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, you will get to know many drinking traditions and you will test a couple of good vodkas.
You will be prized with "penalty shot" or "one for the road" or "drink to health" (Na zdorovie!) and if you still feel well you will understand why Russians don't put empty bottles on the table

Inclusions: visit of the farm, contact excursion, animals feeding, tea testing or lunch
Duration: 1,5h
Before 2014 Sochi used to be a Russian resort for locals who used to come there mostly every summer.
For Winter Olympic Sochi had been transformed to an international level resort available for quality holidays in winter as well as in summer.
Many new services have been created in Sochi after 2014 and one of them is

Ecological Farm Exarho
The Farm is located in Matsesta Mountings (400 m. above sea level) where you will see a splendid view of the Great Sochi. The farm is known by contact emersion, animal feeding, ride a horse in the arena, take a riding in the farm or close by
You will have a chance to try herb tea or have a lunch made of local products.
We would be the happiest to arrange such a visit for our guests upon request

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