Transport between Cities

To get from one city to another within Russia, you can use one of the local airlines.
Some of the most popular ones include Aeroflot, Rossiya, S7 airlines, Ural Airlines, Utair. Pobeda is a local low-coster. Make sure to read all the rules carefully to avoid being charged at the airport for luggage or other extra services.

Train is another very popular way of traveling. Trains are generally comfortable and clean. The most comfortable option to travel between Moscow and Saint Petersburg is a fast train called Sapsan which takes you from one city to another in only 4 hours. Also there are numerous night trains with 4 and 2 berth compartments, that are comfortable and many of Russian use this way of travelling around.

Some distances between Moscow and big cities:
Moscow – St. Petersburg – 700 km (438 miles)
Moscow-Murmansk – 1900 km (1187 miles)
Moscow-Kazan – 800 km (500 miles)
Moscow-Novosibirsk -3400 km (2125 miles)
Moscow-Baikal – 5300 km (3313 miles)
Moscow-Vladivostok – 9200 km(5750 miles)
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