Food and Drink

In Russia people eat lots of soups, mayo filled salads, potato and cabbage in all possible forms, add a slice of bread to everything, also a lot baked goods and pastries.
Russians drink lots of tea, that tea pauses may last as the full meal. In general Russian meal reminds European one, but, as the Country represents more, than 162 nationalities, there are a lot of national cuisines variants.

The most common and well-known Russian Dishes, that are recommended to try:

Beef Stroganoff
Blini (pancakes) with red or black caviar or different jams
Russian Salad Olivier
Pirojki (pastries with different fillings)

Not all Russians drink vodka and not every day). For sure don't start the day by having a shot! Russians do drink when there's a special occasion. If you want to drink vodka like Russians, have a shot and follow it up with a pickle or by sniffing on a slice of rye bread. There's no "Cheers!" in Russian language. Instead of cheers some toasts are pronounced before every drink. It can be something as simple as "Let's drink to love/friendship/your health!" or an elaborate story with a moral lesson. Or just can be said - "Na Zdorovie"

However vodka is not the only well-known drink in Russia: there is a good selection of local beers, nonalcoholic drinks like MORS (berries compote) or KVAS (lightly sparkling rye drink)

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